Tosha Dianne Rollins

Professional Counseling & Therapy

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You are in the right place if you are looking for a way to improve your relationships with your loved ones and yourself. I am a relationship & parenting expert, professional counselor, and my primary specialty is helping families & individuals find peace of mind and improve their daily lives. My secondary specialty is helping families affected by Autism. As an autism mom and professional I have over 20 years experience in this arena.

Professional Counseling

My practice serves children, adolescents, and adults. My primary focus is stress management, family crisis support & intervention, and coping skills development & application for families of children & adolescents with autism and other special needs and disabilities. Counseling is a motivational and inspirational self-improvement process designed to help you develop healthy habits and set goals that enable you to achieve success in all aspects of your life. As a counselor I will walk alongside you in your journey towards success in the goals you set. I have personal experience alongside my education raising children with Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. I provide family services as well as individual services in this arena. HIPAA Compliant Online counseling services are available upon request.

Health & Wellness Coach

Tosha has been a life coach since 2017 when she began working with families affected by Autism learn to live more manageable daily lives. Tosha embraced coaching as an additional professional service to help individuals address life concerns outside of clinical assessment and treatment. Not everyone has a clinical concern, and there are circumstances that simply need clarity with direction and accountability. Coaching considerations include work-life balance, perfectionism, self confidence, parenting strategies, relationship improvement, professional development, personal boundaries, and self-care. Tosha provides online and in person coaching sessions and encourages clients to walk in their own truths, embrace who they are, and seek clarity on how they want to live out their daily lives. Coaching provides clients with accountability & sustainable goals to help them become the ideal version of who they want to be.

I am a certified facilitator for the Prepare Enrich program, which is unique and evidence based. According to Prepare Enrich Program, “committed couples gain a deeper understanding of dynamics, personality, stress and strength and growth areas. Parents expand their understanding of parenting styles and dynamics while strengthening their own communication.” This is a proven program that truly enriches families overall relationships and well being.