Autism in Action

Autism affects every family differently. There are no two individuals with autism just alike. Tosha Rollins, LPC knows this very well, as she has personal experience as an autism parent with two sons on the spectrum. Every autism parent and child on the spectrum has very individualized needs. Tosha's main goal is to support families by offering therapeutic support and empirically validated treatment considerations to help manage their current symptoms and specific situations. Tosha believes it is possible for families affected by autism to reduce their daily stress and live happier lives.

What is Autism in Action? It is a podcast & supportive facebook group offering families additional support and resources for all things autism. Tosha Rollins has over 20 years navigating the autism maze and experience personally and professionaly to help families find the resources, services, and support they need. You can find these resources, services, and support here on the Autism in Action Podcast.

Tosha's newest book, Autism Unspoken Until Now, was published in the fall of 2019. This book is an emotional collection of memoirs from moms to moms with children on the autism spectrum. You can purchase the book here.

The Autism in Action Facebook Group is a place where families can can stay connected. Join Here

"I have a desire to help families all across the globe learn to navigate through the world of autism. Resources, services, and support can make all the difference in a child's life. " ~ Tosha Rollins, LPC

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