Autismology: An Autism Dictionary

Autismology: An Autism Dictionary, coming out on Dec. 13th this year. It is currently available for preorder here.

It can also be purchased on amazon, Walmart, Target, and the Future Horizons Publishing website.

The useful definitions and explanations in Autismology are a ‘just right’ blend of straightforward, practical, and solidly research-based. This important resource will be helpful to so many people: autistic individuals, parents and other relatives of a child impacted by autism, students, counselors and therapists, educators, and medical personnel. I recommend it to those new to autism as well as seasoned families and professionals. I’m confident readers will be better prepared to effectively make use of resources, gain confidence as they navigate the world of autism, and broaden their perspective of the rich, ever-evolving world of neurodiversity.

Debra Moore, Ph.D., Psychologist, Co-Author with Dr. Temple Grandin of The Loving Push (2016, 2022), and Navigating Autism (2021).


Autismology is a much needed resource for parents and people living with autism. Capturing key phrases in the increasingly accepted neurodiversity movement, Tosha gives readers much needed information to better navigate the complex medical systems affecting the care of themselves or loved ones. Tosha gives readers a fresh perspective on the ever growing culture of neurodiversity. She provides readers the language of autism, a much needed step in solidifying a movement that has been around for almost 30 years. This work is necessary for any professional working with mental health who wishes to serve people with autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder remains ever pressingly challenging to live with and this text is a much needed edition to understanding the language of its increasingly accepted culture “

-Sean M Inderbitzen LCSW, therapist and person on the ASD spectrum