Mental health matters

We live in an uncertain world where people aren’t always kind. The same is true in regards to how we treat ourselves. Are you experiencing emotional disruption with all the external worldly events taking place? It might be time to consider a mental health check up with a counselor if you have experienced any of the following “persistent” symptoms over the past month:

  • anxiousness
  • anger
  • overwhelm
  • worry
  • restlessness
  • unease
  • racing thoughts
  • panic attacks
  • sadness
  • depression
  • fear
  • loneliness
  • emptiness
  • numbness

Consider being kind to yourself during this time of uncertainty. Allow yourself an opportunity to feel better and start healing from the inside out. We may not have control over our external factors, but with help you can learn to control the ones that live inside your mind and drive your day to day life. You deserve to feel better, live better, and be better. It starts with one decision….schedule an appointment today so you can begin to feel better tomorrow.
Tosha Rollins, LPCA
Rollins Counseling, LLC

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